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Two things i have noticed: Sometimes I will find myself breathing shallowly, every part of my body tense, and it will take some time to identify this as anxiety or fear, and I often cannot find a source. This usually means that I read something that triggered me, but wasn't present enough to catch it until I was checking in later.

The other day, I was feeling this and I kept on reading Tumblr, probably something the BS in Pennsylvania. After reading some bad stuff that I should NOT have read, the tension lessened.

Which brings me to this quote:
A lot of people don’t heal, and it manifests in a lot of different ways throughout their lives. There’s a study they did with Vietnam vets who’d had—clearly—a lot of trauma during the war. Twenty years later, they measured their levels of pain before and after they showed them intense footage from Vietnam. Pretty much across the board, after they saw this really intense, violent footage from the war, their levels of pain went down. Because when trauma doesn’t get to work itself through your system, your system idles at a heightened state, and so getting more really intense input calms your system down.” Which is why, she explains, “A lot of folks who’ve survived trauma end up being really calm in crisis and freaking out in everyday life.
(From "How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD," which has some ethical issues that makes me want not to link to it, but this idea is very useful to me.)
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